Slip-and-Fall Accidents: Facts for Texas Residents

Look, I get it. Not everyone can have the grace and poise I possess. Some people seem to walk through life like it’s an ice rink and they have forgotten their skates. 

Still, I understand that’s not always their fault, either. Other people can be just careless, and that leads to serious injuries. Now, you might be one of those people, suffering because someone else was careless. It’s frustrating, it’s upsetting, and if you’re not as hardy and graceful as I, there’s a chance that a slip-and-fall accident could leave you with serious injuries. 

I happened to be in Texas the other day, and I saw an older gentleman slip and fall in a store. As everyone else rushed in to help, I thought about one thing: what can I tell the world to help prevent this? Naturally, I had some thoughts, and I set off to write them down. That cashier can give me all the scowls she wants, but there are others who need this information, and I’m ready to share it. 

Responsibility for the Accident

One of the first steps is finding out, not who caused the accident, but who’s responsible. Sometimes, those things aren’t connected. Let’s take a look at an example: 

The elderly gentleman in question probably slipped on a little water left behind after mopping. The cashier, who so rudely stared while I left, probably didn’t do her job right (and personally, if I were her boss, I’d be pretty peeved). 

However, she’s not the one who’s going to be paying for that old man’s medical care. Nope, instead, the injury victim will probably be filing against the property owner. They’re responsible for what their employees do on the clock, which means it’ll be his money that pays for the man’s care. 

Serious Injuries Can Happen

I can hear some of you scoffing already, “Ha, I bet the bills must be high for a bump on the head!” To my surprise, I found that a fall can be pretty serious. Even if you’re in good health, the trauma of a fall can leave its mark. 

For example, your brain and spine are some of the most complex and delicate organs in the body, which means any damage to them could be pretty serious. A concussion, for example, can affect your mental processes like memory, concentration, and focus

Traumatic injuries, like bone fractures, are also pretty common, and could easily be serious enough to require surgery.

They May Blame You

Here’s why I’ve been thinking all over again about this whole “mayor” thing, or maybe even governor. I mean, come on, who puts the blame on the person who suffered through the accident? A lot of people, it turns out, are desperate to avoid paying out for people’s injuries. 

Instead, they’ll try to put the blame on you. They may say you were texting or talking on the phone, for example, which makes it tough to watch where you’re going. If you don’t fight back, you could lose part or all of your compensation, which doesn’t sound fair to me. In fact, it sounds like the real careless people are getting away with it. 

What to Do After a Fall 

Of course, I was pretty sure what the next step was. If I were the older man in the store, I’d be quick to find a personal injury lawyer in Corpus Christi before I did anything else. I mean, as quickly as things can go wrong, why not protect yourself?

Of course, he’s probably already on his way, but hopefully he had the same foresight as I do. An accident can be tough, but if you know what you’re doing, you can come out of it with help for your recovery.