Top Causes of Death in Idaho

The state of Idaho is one of the least populous in the United States. With that being said, the top causes of death in Idaho are still similar to the national leaders. Here is a look at several top causes of death in the state, compared to the top five causes of death in the entire country.


Cancer is the number one cause of death in the state of Idaho, ranking them in the mid-thirties for states in the United States. It edges out heart disease for the number one spot, despite the fact that heart disease is number one in the country.

Heart Disease

Idaho might still have their fair share of heart disease deaths on a yearly basis, but they rank as one of the best states in the country to find healthy hearts. Many cite the overall willingness to get outside, move around, and stay active as why heart disease isn’t as prevalent in Idaho.

Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases

The state of Idaho ranks pretty much in the middle as far as chronic lower respiratory diseases are concerned. In the mountainous areas, there is a slight uptick, but since Idaho is not very polluted, lower respiratory diseases tend to stay rather controlled.


Here is where a lot of people in Idaho, either visiting or living, get themselves in trouble. There is a lot to explore in Idaho, but it can be dangerous out in the middle of nowhere. Accidents can happen in isolation, which increases the chance of death. It has one of the higher rates in the United States for accidental deaths, which is something to keep in mind when visiting.

While accidents can happen completely at random, there are some accidents that are caused by others. In that case, a Boise wrongful death attorney might be the best way to go to get additional information and proceed from there.


Idaho does not really stand out as a state when talking about strokes, but it does continue to be one of the most common ways to pass away in the country. Some people who suffer strokes in super remote areas of the country can find it impossible to get help in time.


Finally, although coming in at number eight, suicide is a major issue in Idaho. It is ranked sixth in the United States as far as death rate is concerned. Throughout the Rocky Mountain region, suicide spikes are real. It is always important for people to look out for each other, talk when needed, and seek help if depression or other issues come into play.

For the most part, Idaho follows along to the same causes of death as the rest of the country. Due to the uniqueness of the state, there are a few spikes in death rates for some certain issues, so keep that in mind if moving to the state or visiting. Accidents, in particular, are something everyone should watch out for when exploring the state and all it has to offer.

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