What’s the Deal with Child Support?

Personally, I know a lot of people who have had some dealing with divorce. Whether they’re the child of divorced parents, or they got a divorce themselves, I find myself hearing plenty about ex-spouses, alimony, and child care as a single parent. I can’t personally relate, but whatever, I guess I can listen and all. 

Of course, then I started hearing more and more about child support. Even my friends in Wisconsin are talking about it and how much trouble they’ve been having with their case. That’s why I started doing a little research myself. 

Child Support Agreements

When you and your spouse part ways, child support might be on the table for the custodial parent, or the parent with the most custody time. They need help handling the kids and keeping them clothed and fed, after all. 

Generally, the amount of child support paid will depend on the amount of money you and your spouse make. So, if your spouse was the breadwinner and you took care of the kids, you might receive higher payments than cases where both parents worked. 

Situations change over time, though, obviously. You might have been the one paying child support for some time, and that was fine, until you lost your job. When this happens, you might need to file a petition to change your arrangement, if you can’t make payments and survive off your income. 

Enforcing Child Support

A lot of my friends have expressed worries about getting that child support, too. I mean, sure, you can ask for a certain amount, but what if they decide they’re not going to pay it? 

In that case, you can do what my Wisconsin friend did. She called a Milwaukee family law attorney shortly after the first payments didn’t happen. She needed that money to afford food, so they started enforcing the agreement right away by making life hard for her ex. 

Child support agencies do have the power to push your ex to pay what they owe. That may mean placing liens on their property or even garnishing their wages. That way, the money goes into your pocket straight from their checks. They won’t have the option to refuse. 

Staying Informed about Your Case

It’s sad, but a lot of people just don’t know what they need to know about their child support agreement. Too often, people assume there’s not much they can do about enforcing child support, making the agreement work for them, or reducing a child support agreement they can’t pay. 

It’s simpler than people seem to think, though. Of course, I avoid all that trouble by not having kids, but I guess we can’t all think so far ahead. Hopefully, though, this little investigation into child support can help those now struggling to provide for their kids and with the change of income.