Why Hire a Lawyer for a Workers Comp Claim?

Workplaces should be designed to help the employees do their jobs in a safe, efficient, and productive manner. These should adhere to the standards set by regulators and constantly maintained to keep things running smoothly. If the employer is negligent in their duties, then the workers might suffer from accidents or get hurt while on duty.

These workers might then have to take a leave of absence while they heal, which could take a while. They have to pay their medical bills while suffering from lost wages. In some cases, they could sue their employers for damages, but in nearly all cases, they should be able to file a workers compensation claim to recover financially.

Extent of Workers Compensation

The compensation consists of different parts. Workers can receive regular payments that serve as a replacement for their lost wages while they are unable to fulfill their duties because of the accident. They could also be awarded with compensation for any economic losses that they might have suffered and will suffer due to what had occurred.

For example, they might have lost a limb, which will limit their mobility and ability to work as before. They should get a sum equal to what they could have potentially earned over their lifetime had they been able to proceed as normal. Of course, they will have to get assistance when it comes to their medical expenses, which could run into the tens of thousands of dollars. If a worker dies, then his dependents will become the beneficiaries.

All of these can be tricky to compute, and those who don’t know how to proceed can end up getting less than what they deserve. Although a person can approach insurance companies independently, it is best to hire a work comp lawyer in Manhattan who knows exactly how the system works and what must be done to obtain the right amounts. They are aware from experience just how much people usually get in different situations. They can negotiate with the insurance company and get you a better deal than if you went into the process alone.

Barriers to Full Compensation

Employers will try their best to absolve themselves of guilt. They might pin the blame on the worker such that they don’t have to pay anything for the damages. A lawyer will be able to help gather evidence and witnesses that can boost the case. They know exactly what details the insurance providers are looking for. ¬†They also know how to say things that will avoid costly mistakes. They can guide workers on how to answer questions.

Other barriers to compensation are related to the fraudulent behavior of some employers. For instance, some of them might be underreporting the payroll in an attempt to pay less than they should for the premiums. You might be officially listed as getting only a fraction of your actual annual income. Of course, you can fight this by providing documents that prove the real score, as you deserve to be compensated with the right amount for lost wages.

There are even employers who fail in their legal duty to get workers compensation insurance for their employees to cut costs. The workers might think that they are covered only to realize too late that they are not. Don’t worry, as a work comp lawyer will guide you on how to proceed if this happened to you.